• Section 3: Section 3: Members

    • Article 92F - Members

      (1) The incorporators of an LLC(G) are deemed to have agreed to become Members of the LLC(G) by signing the incorporation Document and on incorporation shall be entered as such in the LLC(G)'s register of Members (other than any who have died or been dissolved).
      (2) Every other person who agrees to become a Member of the LLC(G) and whose Name is entered in the register of Members, is a Member of the LLC(G).
      (3) A person may cease to be a Member of an LLC(G) (as well as by death or dissolution) in accordance with the articles of association of the LLC(G).
      (4) A Member of an LLC(G) can be of any nationality and either a natural person or a Body Corporate.
      (5) The minimum number of Members of an LLC(G) is one.
      (6) Every LLC(G) shall keep a register of Members, together with:
      (A) the Name and Address of the Members;
      (B) the date on which each person was registered as a Member;
      (C) the date at which any person ceased to be a Member; and
      (D) in the case of an LLC(G) with different classes of Member, a statement of the class to which each Member belongs.
      Inserted (as from 5th April 2015).

    • Article 92G - Rectification of register of Members

      (1) If:
      (A) the Name of a person is, without sufficient reason, not entered in or omitted from an LLC(G)'s register of Members; or
      (B) there is a failure or unnecessary delay in entering on the register the fact of a person having ceased to be a Member
      a person aggrieved or a Member of the LLC(G), may apply to the CRO for rectification of the register.
      (2) The CRO may refuse the application or may order rectification of the register.
      (3) Whether or not the CRO exercises its power under Article 92G (2), the QFC Civil and Commercial Court may make one or more of the following orders:
      (A) on application of the CRO, an order enforcing any orders made by it under this Article 92G;
      (B) on application of a person aggrieved or a Member of the LLC(G), an order directing the CRO to, or not to order the rectification of the register or to do any act or thing; or
      (C) on application of a person aggrieved, an order requiring the LLC(G) to pay damages or to do any act or thing.
      Inserted (as from 5th April 2015).