• IBANK Division 8.4.D IBANK Division 8.4.D Treatment of special cases

    • IBANK Subdivision 8.4.D.1 IBANK Subdivision 8.4.D.1 Firms with unduly concentrated cash flows

      • IBANK 8.4.49 What if firm's cash inflows are unduly concentrated

        If the Regulatory Authority considers that an Islamic banking business firm is overly reliant on cash inflows from a single wholesale counterparty or a small number of wholesale counterparties, the Authority may direct the firm as to how such cash flows are to be treated in the calculation of its LCR.

        Inserted by QFCRA RM/2018-2 (as from 1st May 2018).

    • IBANK Subdivision 8.4.D.2 IBANK Subdivision 8.4.D.2 Firms with access to parent entities' funds

      • IBANK 8.4.50 Use of funding facility from parent entity

        The Regulatory Authority may allow an Islamic banking business firm that is a branch, or is a subsidiary of an entity established outside the QFC, to recognise, as cash inflow, access to its parent entity's funds by way of a committed funding facility, up to a limit specified in the facility documentation. The facility:

        (a) must be an irrevocable commitment; and
        (b) must be appropriately documented.
        Inserted by QFCRA RM/2018-2 (as from 1st May 2018).