• PART 8: PART 8: Other types of Company

    • Article 182 - Application of the QFC Law to other types of Company

      Where a type of Company is prescribed in the Companies Regulations or any other Regulations, the QFC Authority may make rules:

      (1) prescribing:
      (A) the circumstances and manner in which such a type of Company may enter into an administration or be wound up;
      (B) any requirements or obligations in relation to the appointment of an insolvency practitioner to such a type of Company; and
      (C) forms and procedures for the administration and winding up of such a Company; and
      (2) extending, excluding, waiving or modifying the application of provisions of these Regulations or of other Regulations, where considered necessary or desirable to facilitate the orderly application of insolvency procedures in relation to such a type of Company.