• Section 1: Section 1: General Provisions

    • Article 7 - Rules of interpretation

      (1) Where a provision of these Regulations, except Article 34, leaves the parties free to determine a certain issue, such freedom includes the right of the parties to authorise a third party, including an institution, to make that determination.
      (2) Where a provision of these Regulations refers to the fact that the parties have agreed or that they may agree or in any other way refers to an agreement of the parties, such agreement includes any arbitration rules referred to in that agreement.
      (3) Where a provision of these Regulations, other than in Articles 31(1) and 39(2)(A), refers to a claim, it also applies to a counterclaim, and where it refers to a defence, it also applies to a defence to such counterclaim.

    • Article 8 - Receipt of written communications

      (1) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties to a dispute:
      (A) any written communication is taken to have been received if it is delivered to the addressee personally or if it is delivered at his place of business, habitual residence, mailing address or address for the receipt of facsimiles, telex, email or any other means of telecommunication that provides a record of transmission; if none of these can be found after making a reasonable inquiry, a written communication is taken to have been received if it is sent to the addressee's last-known place of business, habitual residence or mailing address by registered letter or by any other means which provides a record of the attempt to deliver it or of its transmission to that party; and
      (B) the communication is taken to have been received on the day it is so delivered.
      (2) The provisions of this Article do not apply to communications in Court proceedings.

    • Article 9 - Waiver of right to object

      A party who knows that any provision of these Regulations from which the parties may derogate or any requirement under the Arbitration Agreement has not been complied with and yet proceeds with the Arbitration without stating his objection to such non-compliance without undue delay or, if a time limit is provided therefore, within such period of time, shall be deemed to have waived his right to object.