• Part 1: Part 1: Application, Interpretation and Commencement

    • Article 1 - Citation

      These Regulations may be cited as the Employment Regulations.

    • Article 2 - Application

      (1) These Regulations shall apply in the QFC.
      (2) These Regulations shall apply to:
      (A) Employees of the QFC Authority, the Regulatory Authority, the Civil and Commercial Court and the Regulatory Tribunal;
      (B) Employees of QFC Institutions; and
      (C) Employees of QFC Entities.
      (3) These Regulations shall not apply to persons who are employed as consultants or agents and those persons hired by any of the Employees identified in Article 2(2) who provide domestic services for such Employees.
      (4) Subject to Article 25A, no laws, rules and regulations of the State relating to employment shall apply to Employees whose employment is governed by these Regulations.
      Amended (as from 18th July 2019)

    • Article 3 - Commencement

      These Regulations shall come into force on the date of their signature by the Minister.

    • Article 4 - Language

      (1) In accordance with Article 9 of the QFC Law, these Regulations are written in the English language and the English text thereof shall be the official original text. Any translation thereof into another language shall not be authoritative and in the event of any discrepancy between the English text of these Regulations and any other version, the English text shall prevail.
      (2) All contracts and other documents and written instruments provided for in these Regulations shall be made in the English language.
      (3) The Employer may accompany such contracts, documents or written instruments with translations into other languages but in case of any difference the English text shall prevail.

    • Article 5 - Definitions and interpretation

      The definitions of the words and expressions used in these Regulations and interpretative provisions applying to these Regulations are set out in Part 13.

      Amended (as from 18th July 2019)