• General Rule 5. General Rule 5. Reporting

    • General Rule 5.1 Application

      This General QFCA Rule 5 applies to a Licensed Firm and to an Authorised Firm in respect of a Relevant Requirement.

    • General Rule 5.2 General Rule 5.2 Provision of Reports

      • General Rule 5.2.1

        (A) Unless a QFCA Rule states otherwise, a Licensed or Authorised Firm must ensure that each report it provides to the QFCA:
        (i) contains the Licensed or Authorised Firm's name, the related QFC number and any other information required by the QFCA; and
        (ii) subject to (B) is received by the QFCA during Ordinary Business Hours on the date the report is due.
        (B) If the due date is not a Business Day, the report must be received by the QFCA during Ordinary Business Hours of the next Business Day.
        (C) A report will not be considered to have been received by the QFCA until it has been:
        (i) received by the QFCA; and
        (ii) duly Signed by the signatories specified in the relevant QFCA Rule and delivered:
        (1) by email or Electronic System;
        (2) by post to the current address of the QFCA;
        (3) hand delivered to the current address of the QFCA; or
        (4) faxed to a fax number provided by the QFCA.
        Amended (as from 23rd September 2014)

      • General Rule 5.2.2

        Where a QFCA Rule does not specify a specific signatory, the report must be Signed by the individual performing the Senior Executive Function or other authorised signatory of the Licensed Firm.

        Amended (as from 25th June 2019)

    • General Rule 5.3 Summary of Reporting Requirements

      The reporting requirements relevant to Licensed or Authorised Firms are set out at Schedule 2.