• General Rule 15. General Rule 15. Performance of Registered Functions

    • General Rule 15.1 Application

      This General Rule 15 applies to a Licensed Firm.

      Amended (as from 23rd September 2014)

    • General Rule 15.2 General Rule 15.2 Multiple Appointments

      • General Rule 15.2.1

        An individual may carry on Registered Functions for more than one Licensed Firm provided that:

        (A) each such Licensed Firm confirms to the QFCA:
        (i) that it is aware of the Registered Functions which that individual carries out for any other Licensed Firm;
        (ii) that it is satisfied that no conflict of interest will arise from the performance by that individual of those Registered Functions for such other Licensed Firm; and
        (B) the QFCA is satisfied that no such conflicts of interest will arise.
        Amended (as from 23rd September 2014)

      • General Rule 15.2.2

        An individual may carry on more than one Registered Function for a Licensed Firm provided that the Licensed Firm is satisfied that the performance of such Registered Functions does not give rise to any internal or external conflicts of interest and is appropriate having regard to the nature, scale and complexity of the business carried on by that Licensed Firm.