2.1.2 Application for registration

1) An Insolvency Practitioner applying to be entered onto the register of Insolvency Practitioners maintained by the CRO must:
(A) complete the Prescribed Form in Appendix 1 and file it with the CRO;
(B) provide such additional information and/or documents as may be required by the CRO; and
(C) pay the Prescribed Fee stated in Appendix 2 to the CRO.
2) Before the CRO approves an Insolvency Practitioner to appear on the register, an applicant must satisfy the CRO that:
(A) the applicant is fit and proper within the meaning of Rule 2.1.3;
(B) the applicant holds adequate security within the meaning of Rule 2.1.3A; and
(C) the applicant meets any other requirements prescribed by the CRO or the QFC Authority.
Amended (as from 6th June 2017).