3.4.1 Copy of application to be given to Members, Employees, etc

1) A person who makes an application under Rule 3.1.1 on behalf of a Company must secure that, within seven days from the day on which the application is made, a copy of it is given to every person who at any time on that day is:
(A) a Member of the Company;
(B) an Employee of the Company;
(C) a creditor of the Company;
(D) a director of the Company; or
(E) a manager or trustee of any pension fund established for the benefit of the Employees of the Company.
2) Subsection (1) does not require a copy of the application to be given to a director who is a party to the application.
3) The duty imposed by this Rule ceases to apply if the application is withdrawn before the end of the period for giving the copy application.