3.4.2 Copy of application to be given to new Members, Employees, etc

1) This Rule applies in relation to any time after the day on which a Company makes an application under Rule 3.1.1 and before the day on which the application is finally dealt with or withdrawn.
2) A person who is a director of the Company at the end of a day on which another person becomes:
(A) a Member of the Company;
(B) an Employee of the Company;
(C) a creditor of the Company;
(D) a director of the Company; or
(E) a manager or trustee of any pension fund established for the benefit of the Employees of the Company
must secure that a copy of the application is given to that person within seven days from that day.
3) The duty imposed by this section ceases to apply if the application is finally dealt with or withdrawn before the end of the period for giving the copy application.