AMLG 6.1.1 Screening procedures — particular requirements

(1) In this rule:
higher-impact individual, in relation to a firm, means an individual who has a role in identifying and preventing money laundering or terrorism financing under the firm's AML/CFT programme.

1 a senior manager of the firm
2 the firm's MLRO or Deputy MLRO
3 an individual whose role in the firm includes conducting any other activity with or for a customer
(2) A firm's screening procedures for the appointment or employment of officers and employees must ensure that an individual is not appointed or employed unless:
(a) for a higher-impact individual — the firm is satisfied that the individual has the appropriate character, knowledge, skills and abilities to act honestly, reasonably and independently; or
(b) for any other individual — the firm is satisfied about the individual's integrity.
(3) The procedures must, as a minimum, provide that, before appointing or employing a higher-impact individual, the firm must:
(a) obtain references about the individual;
(b) obtain information about the individual's employment history and qualifications;
(c) obtain details of any regulatory action taken in relation to the individual;
(d) obtain details of any criminal convictions of the individual; and
(e) take reasonable steps to confirm the accuracy and completeness of information that it has obtained about the individual.
Derived by QFCRA RM/2019-9 (as from 1st February 2020)