App 1 Prescribed Forms

For the purpose of the QFC Special Company Regulations and these Rules the Prescribed Forms are listed in the table below.

Purpose Relevant Article or Rule Form
Application to conduct Special Purpose Company Activities Rule 2.4.1 Q01
Application for approval as a Support Services Provider Rule 2.5.2 Q01/Q04
Notification that a Support Services Provider no longer meets registration requirements Rule 2.5.2 Q14
Application by an entity established outside the QFC for approval as a nominee Shareholder Rule 2.6.1 Q14
Application for non-objection to a transfer of shares in a Special Company Rule 2.6.2 and 3.6 Q14
Application to conduct Holding Company Activities Rule 3.4.1 Q01
Notification of incorporation or dissolution of a Subsidiary Rule 3.5 Q14
Application for the incorporation and registration a Special Company Rule 4.1 CRO1
Application for the revocation of status of a Special Company Rule 4.2.5 Q07
Application to amend the Articles of Association of a Special Company Article 25.5 and Rule 5 Q07
Change to the directors or secretary of a Special Company Articles 14.9 and 20A.9 Q07
Change concerning a Special Company's Support Services Provider Articles 16.1(a) and 23A(1) Q14
Change concerning a Special Company's Shareholders and/or Beneficial Owners Articles16.1(b) and 23A.1(b) Q07
Amended (as from 19th October 2017).