Article 1 – Definitions

The following words and phrases shall have the meanings shown against each of them, unless the text indicates otherwise:—

The State: The State of Qatar
The Minister: The Minister of Economy and Finance
QFC: The Qatar Financial Centre
QFC Institutions: The QFC Companies Registration Office, and any arbitral body or other institution or body created under Article 6 or Article 9
QFC Authority: The Qatar Financial Centre Authority established pursuant to Article 3
The Board: The Board of Directors of the QFC Authority
The Chairman: The Chairman of the QFC Authority
The Civil and Commercial Court: The Civil and Commercial Court of The Qatar Financial Center, which includes The First Instance Circuit and The Appellate Circuit, as established by virtue of Article (8) of The QFC Law.
The Director General: The Director General of the QFC Authority
The QFC Companies Registration Office: QFC Companies Registration Office established pursuant to Article 7
Regulatory Authority: The Regulatory Authority of the QFC established pursuant to Article 8
Permitted Activities: The activities listed in Schedule 3 or designated by the Council of Ministers under Article 10(1)
Regulated Activities: Any Permitted Activities which are required by this Law or Regulations, not to be conducted except pursuant to an approval, authorisation or licence from the Regulatory Authority, including (subject as may be provided in Regulations) the Permitted Activities listed in Part 1 of Schedule 3
The Regulatory Tribunal: The Regulatory Tribunal of The Qatar Financial Center as established by virtue of Article 8 of the QFC Law.
Regulations: The Regulations enacted by the Minister in accordance with Article 9

Amended by Law No. (2) of 2009 (as from 24th May 2009).