Article 10 – Permitted Activities within QFC

1. All business activities of the kinds specified in Schedule 3 and any other business activities which the Council of Ministers may from time to time designate may be licensed to be conducted in and from the QFC. No other activities may be conducted within the QFC. Subject to paragraph 2 below, the Regulations shall determine which of such activities may or may not be conducted in or from the QFC or limit in any manner or place conditions upon the extent to which any such activities may be so conducted.
2. Permitted Activities shall only be conducted in and from the QFC to the extent that the conduct of such activities is approved, authorised or licensed as required by this Law or Regulations including, without limitation, Article 11(2).
3. The Council of Ministers may designate any activities as prohibited from being carried on in or from the QFC on the grounds that it is contrary to the interests of the State or to public policy.