Article 10 - Registration

(1) No Foundation shall be established without a Licence.
(2) On establishment of a Foundation, the CRO shall:
(A) give a certificate that the Foundation is established as a Foundation with the name specified in the certificate and with effect from the date of the certificate;
(B) allocate to the Foundation a number, which shall be the Foundation's registered number; and
(C) enter in the Register maintained by the CRO:
(1) the name and registered number of the Foundation;
(2) the Registered Office of the Foundation;
(3) the objects of the Foundation;
(4) the names of the Members of the Council of the Foundation; and
(5) the name of the Registered Representative.
(3) A certificate of establishment shall be conclusive evidence that the Foundation is established with the name specified in it and that the requirements of these Regulations have been fulfilled in respect of the establishment and registration of the Foundation and thereafter no defect in the process prior to the establishment thereof shall affect the validity of its establishment.
(4) From the date of establishment, the Foundation shall be an entity having the name contained in the certificate of establishment and is capable of exercising all the functions of a Foundation.
Derived (as from 22nd September 2016).