Article 105 - Summary remedy against delinquent directors, Liquidators, etc

The QFC Court may, on application by a Liquidator in relation to any conduct referred to in Articles 97 to 103, make any orders as the QFC Court sees fit in relation to a person to whom this Article 105 applies, including one or more of the following orders:

(1) an order to return or pay to the Company any money or other property of the Company which he has misapplied or retained, or become accountable for;
(2) an order to compensate the Company in respect of any misfeasance or breach of any fiduciary or other duty in relation to the Company;
(3) an order to make such contributions (if any) to the Company's assets as the QFC Court thinks proper; or
(4) an order requiring the person to do, or not to do, any act or thing.