Article 108 - Notices and other Information provided to the Regulatory Authority

(1) The Regulatory Authority may make Rules setting out:
(A) matters in respect of which notification must be given, or information provided to, the Regulatory Authority by Authorised Firms, Approved Individuals or other Persons;
(B) the form and content of such notifications and information;
(C) the means by which and time within which such notifications must be given or information provided;
(D) the means by which such notification or information shall be signed and executed or deemed to be signed and executed by or on behalf of such Authorised Firms, Approved Individuals or other Persons; or
(E) such ancillary requirements as the Regulatory Authority considers appropriate.
(2) Article 108(1) is subject to Article 56 (Protected Items).
(3) A Person does not incur any liability, and does not breach any duty, only because the Person provides, voluntarily or otherwise, information or a document to the Regulatory Authority honestly and in the reasonable belief that the information or document is relevant to the authority's Functions.
Amended by QFC Reg 2010-2 (as from 9th December 2010)