Article 110 - Right to terminate the contract

(1) A party may terminate the contract where the failure of the other party to perform an obligation under the contract amounts to a fundamental breach.
(2) In determining whether a failure to perform an obligation amounts to a fundamental breach regard shall be had, in particular, to whether:
(A) the non-performance substantially deprives the aggrieved party of what he was entitled to expect under the contract unless the other party did not foresee and could not reasonably have foreseen such result;
(B) strict compliance with the obligation which has not been performed is of essence under the contract;
(C) the non-performance is intentional or reckless;
(D) the non-performance gives the aggrieved party reason to believe that he cannot rely on the other party's future performance; and
(E) the non-performing party will suffer disproportionate loss as a result of the preparation or performance if the contract is terminated.
(3) In the case of delay the aggrieved party may also terminate the contract if the other party fails to perform before the time allowed under Article 91 (Withholding performance) has expired.