Article 113 - Entitlement to vote

(1) Subject as follows, at a meeting of creditors a person is entitled to vote only if:
(A) he has given to the officeholder, not later than 12.00 hours on the business day before the day fixed for the meeting, details in writing of the debt which he claims to be due to him from the Company and the claim has been duly admitted under the following provisions of these Regulations; and
(B) there has been lodged with the officeholder any proxy which he intends to be used on his behalf.
(2) The chairman of the meeting may allow a creditor to vote, notwithstanding that he has failed to comply with Article 113(1)(A), if satisfied that the failure was due to circumstances beyond the creditor's control.
(3) The chairman of the meeting may call for any document or other evidence to be produced to him, where he thinks it necessary for the purpose of substantiating the whole or any part of the claim.
(4) Votes are calculated according to the amount of a creditor's debt as at the date of the appointment of the Administrator, the winding up order or winding up resolution as the case may be, deducting any amounts paid in respect of the debt after that date.
(5) A creditor shall not vote in respect of a debt for an unliquidated amount, or any debt whose value is not ascertained, except where the chairman puts upon the debt an estimated value for the purpose of entitlement to vote and admits the claim for that purpose.
(6) No vote shall be cast by virtue of a claim more than once on any resolution put to the meeting.