Article 114 - Admission and rejection of claims

(1) At any creditors' meeting the chairman has power to admit or reject a creditor's claim for the purpose of his entitlement to vote; and the power is exercisable with respect to the whole or any part of the claim.
(2) If the chairman has put upon the debt an estimated value, the creditor shall be allowed to vote only in respect of that estimated amount.
(3) The chairman's decision under this Article 114, or in respect of any matter arising under Article 113, is subject to appeal following the meeting to the QFC Court by any creditor.
(4) If on an appeal the chairman's decision is reversed or varied, or a creditor's vote is declared invalid, the QFC Court may order that another meeting be summoned, or make such other order as it thinks just.
(5) An application to the QFC Court by way of appeal under this Article against a decision of the chairman must be made not later than 21 days after the date of the meeting.