Article 123 - Functions and meetings of the committee

(1) The Creditors' Committee shall assist the officeholder in discharging his functions, and act in relation to him in such manner as may be agreed from time to time.
(2) Subject as follows, meetings of the Creditors' Committee shall be held when and where determined by the officeholder.
(3) The officeholder shall call a first meeting of the Creditors' Committee not later than three months after its first establishment; and thereafter he shall call a meeting:
(A) if so requested by a member of the Creditors' Committee or his representative (the meeting then to be held within 21 days of the request being received by the officeholder); and
(B) for a specified date, if the Creditors' Committee has previously resolved that a meeting be held on that date.
(4) The officeholder shall give seven days' written notice of the date, time and venue of any meeting to every member of the Creditors' Committee (or his representative designated for that purpose), unless in any case the requirement of notice has been waived by or on behalf of any member. A waiver may be signified either at or before the meeting.