Article 134 - Tax Department Review

(1) Subject to Article 134(4), upon receipt of an appeal under Article 133 the Tax Department shall conduct a review of the subject matter of the appeal.
(2) The Tax Department shall give the QFC Entity written notice of their decision following a review under Article 134(1).
(3) If the QFC Entity agrees in writing to a decision issued by way of notice under Article 134(2) the appeal shall be regarded as determined by agreement under Article 135(5), in the terms of the notice, on the date the written agreement by the QFC Entity is received by the Tax Department.
(4) Where a review under this Article is in progress, and before a notice is issued under Article 134(2), a QFC Entity may apply to the Tax Department, by notice in writing, for the appeal to be referred directly to The Regulatory Tribunal and upon receipt of such an application the Tax Department shall make the referral, notifying the QFC Entity in writing that it has done so.
(5) If a referral to The Regulatory Tribunal is made following an application from a QFC Entity under Article 134(4) the Tax Department is not obliged to issue a decision notice under Article 134(2).
Amended (as from 18th June 2014)