Article 135 - Appeals

(1) If a QFC Entity is dissatisfied with the Tax Department's decision under Article 134(2) the QFC Entity may apply to the Tax Department, by notice in writing, for the appeal to be referred to The Regulatory Tribunal and upon receipt of such an application the Tax Department shall make the referral, notifying the QFC Entity in writing that it has done so.
(2) Nothing in these Regulations or the Tax Rules shall prevent a QFC Entity from referring an appeal directly to The Regulatory Tribunal and requesting a hearing.
(3) The Tax Rules may make administrative provisions regarding appeals.
(4) Upon the hearing of an appeal, The Regulatory Tribunal may confirm, increase or order the reduction of any assessment or make any other order as they think fit.
(5) Where, before an appeal is determined by The Regulatory Tribunal, the QFC Entity and the Tax Department come to an agreement in writing to disallow the appeal or to allow it either wholly or in part, the like consequences shall ensue for all purposes as would have ensued if, at the time the agreement was come to, The Regulatory Tribunal had determined the appeal in that manner.
(6) An assessment or self-assessment, including a self-assessment amended under Article 124, shall stand good unless it is shown to the satisfaction of The Regulatory Tribunal, by examination of the appellant on oath or affirmation or by other evidence that the assessment is excessive.
(7) Within 30 days of the final determination of an appeal by The Regulatory Tribunal any party to the proceedings, if dissatisfied with the determination or decision as being erroneous in point of law, may by notice served on The Regulatory Tribunal, require it to state and sign a case for the opinion of The QFC Court.
Amended (as from 18th June 2014)