Article 137 - Recourse to the QFC Court

(1) If the officeholder considers that the remuneration fixed for him by the Creditors' Committee, or by resolution of the creditors, is insufficient, or the basis of the officeholder's remuneration is not fixed within 18 months after the date of his appointment, he may apply to the QFC Court for an order fixing or increasing its amount or rate.
(2) The officeholder shall give at least 14 days' notice of his application to the members of the Creditors' Committee; and the Creditors' Committee may nominate one or more members to appear or be represented, and to be heard, on the application.
(3) If there is no Creditors' Committee, the officeholder's notice of his application shall be sent to such one or more of the Company's creditors as the QFC Court may direct, which creditors may nominate one or more of their number to appear or be represented.
(4) The QFC Court may, if it appears to be a proper case, order the costs of the officeholder's application, including the costs of any member of the Creditors' Committee appearing or being represented on it, or any creditor so appearing or being represented, to be paid as an expense of the insolvency proceedings.