Article 139 - Abstract of receipts and payments

(1) The officeholder shall:
(A) within two months after the end of six months from the date of his appointment, and of every subsequent period of six months; and
(B) within two months after he ceases to act as officeholder
send to the QFC Court, and to the CRO, and to each member of the Creditors' Committee, the requisite accounts of the receipts and payments of the Company.
(2) The accounts are to be in the form of an abstract showing:
(A) receipts and payments during the relevant period of six months; or
(B) where the officeholder has ceased to act, receipts and payments during the period from the end of the last six month period to the time when he so ceased (alternatively, if there has been no previous abstract, receipts and payments in the period since his appointment as officeholder).