Article 14 - Guidance

(1) The QFC Authority may give Guidance consisting of such information and advice as it considers appropriate:
(A) with respect to the operation of the QFC Law, these Regulations, any Rules or any Related Regulations;
(B) with respect to any matters relating to functions of the QFC Authority;
(C) for the purpose of meeting its objectives; and
(D) with respect to any other matters about which it appears to the QFC Authority to be desirable to give information or advice.
(2) Guidance issued by the QFC Authority may be given generally, to a class of Person or a Person individually. Such Guidance may be issued either at the request of the Person seeking such Guidance or by the QFC Authority on its on initiative.
(3) If the QFC Authority proposes to give Guidance to Persons generally, or to a class of Persons, in relation to Rules to which those persons are subject, Articles 12(4) and (5) (Publicity Requirements) apply to the proposed Guidance as it applies to proposed Rules.
(4) Guidance issued by the QFC Authority is indicative of the view of the QFC Authority at the time and in the circumstances in which it was given and is non-binding.
(5) The QFC Authority may make Rules prescribing the procedures pursuant to which Persons or particular types of Persons may apply to the QFC Authority for Guidance and any fees payable by such Persons in respect of such applications.
(6) Unless the QFC Authority is satisfied that it is inappropriate or unnecessary to do so, it must publish Guidance which is given generally or to a class of Person in such a way (including on the QFC’s website) as it considers appropriate for bringing the Guidance to the attention of:
(A) those likely to be affected by it; and
(B) others who may be likely to become subject to similar Guidance.