Article 14 - Limited Liability Companies

(1) A form of legal entity known as a limited liability company may be incorporated in the QFC.
(2) An LLC is a Company which is formed by being incorporated under Part 3 of these Regulations.
(3) Where an LLC has been approved for listing on the Qatar Stock Exchange ("QSE") or any other exchange, and subject to satisfying all applicable requirements of the Qatar Financial Markets Authority ("QFMA") and the QSE or such other exchange or regulator,it shall upon such listing taking place be designated as an "LLC (Public)".
(4) All Articles in these Regulations will continue to apply to an LLC (Public) as if it were an LLC. If at any time an LLC (Public) is no longer listed on the QSE or other exchange, it will cease to be designated LLC (Public).
Amended (as from 5th April 2015).