Article 14 - Records

(1) The Employer shall maintain the following records:
(A) in respect of each Employee: his name, date of birth, nationality, job title, salary, date of commencement of employment, sponsorship status, academic and professional qualifications, annual and sick leave taken and any disciplinary measures taken against him;
(B) a payroll register showing the amounts of salary paid in respect of each Employee, any additional wages paid to the Employees, and the amounts of any deductions and the net wages received by each Employee;
(C) a register of any work injuries showing the work injuries sustained by any Employee;
(D) an end of service register containing the names of the Employees whose services have been terminated, the dates and causes of the termination and any entitlements paid to them.
(2) All of the above records shall be in English, updated as necessary, and kept at the Employer's principal place of business in the QFC and retained by the Employer for two (2) years after the employment terminates. If the Employer leaves the QFC prior to the expiry of the above two (2) year period the Employer must retain all of the above records at such place and in such form that permits such records to be accessible within a reasonable time for the remainder of the two (2) year period.
(3) The Employment Standards Office may request an Employer to provide it the information contained in the above records.
Amended (as from 18th July 2019)