Article 14 - Residence permits for Family Member

(1) Within five (5) working days of the arrival of a Family Member in the State the QFC Employee shall apply to the Immigration Office for a State residence permit for the Family Member in accordance with Article 11 (Residence permit) and using the application form provided by the Immigration Office. The documents required in support of such an application are those identified for this purpose by the Immigration Office.
(2) Family Members must complete a medical examination at a hospital designated by the Immigration Office and must have their fingerprints taken at the Immigration Office on the date and at the time specified by the Immigration Office.
(3) Absent any disqualifying information, a residence permit shall be issued for the Family Member within five (5) working days of the date of the completion of the matters specified in Article 11(2) and in no event shall it extend past ten (10) working days of the filing of the application, provided the Family Member has provided all necessary information and completed all necessary procedures.
(4) The Immigration Office will notify the QFC Employee when the residence permit has been issued. The period of the Family Member's residence shall be coextensive with the duration of the QFC Employee's residence permit provided that the Family Member's passport remains valid throughout that period, and shall terminate when the QFC Employee's permit terminates.
(5) An Employer or QFC Employee may apply to the Immigration Office to renew an expired residence permit for a Family Member.