Article 144 - Filing of transfers and subordinations

(1) If a Secured Party with a Security Interest perfected by filing transfers the Security Interest or a part of it, a financing change statement may be filed disclosing the transfer. Where only an interest in part of the Collateral is transferred, the financing change statement must contain a description of the Collateral in which the interest is transferred.
(2) After the filing of a financing change statement disclosing a transfer of a Security Interest, the transferee is the Secured Party for the purposes of the Security Regulations.
(3) If a Secured Party transfers a Security Interest which is not perfected or has not been perfected by filing, a financing statement may be filed (before or after the transfer) in which the transferee is disclosed as the Secured Party.
(4) For the avoidance of doubt, the transferee of a Security Interest is not required to file a financing change statement in order to continue the perfected status of the Security Interest against purchasers or in the event of insolvency.
(5) Where a Security Interest has been subordinated by the Secured Party to the interest of another Person, a financing change statement may be filed to disclose the subordination at any time.