Article 147 - Duty to co-operate with officeholder

(1) Each of the persons mentioned in Article 147(2) shall:
(A) give to the officeholder such information concerning the Company and its promotion, formation, business, dealings, affairs or property as the officeholder may reasonably require;
(B) produce to the officeholder any books, papers or records in his possession relating to the Company or to any such dealings; and
(C) attend on the officeholder at such times as the latter may reasonably require.
(2) The persons referred to in Article 147(1) are:
(A) those who are or have at any time been officers of the Company;
(B) those who have taken part in the formation of the Company at any time within one year before the effective date;
(C) those who are in the employment of the Company, or have been in its employment (including employment under a contract for services) within that year, and are in the officeholder's opinion capable of giving information which he requires;
(D) those who are, or have within that year been, officers of, or in the employment (including employment under a contract for services) of, another body corporate which is, or within that year was, an officer of the Company in question; and
(E) in the case of a Company being wound up by the QFC Court, any person who has acted as provisional Liquidator or Liquidator of the Company.
(3) Where a person to whom this Article applies fails to comply with its provisions, that person commits a contravention and shall be liable to a financial penalty.