Article 15 - Service of application

(1) In the following paragraphs of this Article 15, references to the application are to a copy of the application issued by the QFC Court under Article 14(2) together with the witness statement in support of it and the documents (other than the copy application) exhibited to the witness statement.
(2) The Application shall be served:
(A) on any Secured Creditor who may be entitled to appoint an Administrator;
(B) if there is pending an application for the winding up of the Company, on the applicant;
(C) on the QFC Authority; and
(D) on the person proposed as Administrator.
(3) If the application for the making of an Administration Order is made by creditors of the Company, the application shall be served on the Company.
(4) Where, after receiving notice that an administration application has been made, a Secured Creditor appoints an Administrator in reliance on Article 20, he shall as soon as reasonably practicable send a copy of the notice of appointment to the person making the administration application and to the QFC Court.