Article 16 - Confidentiality

(1) Neither the QFC Authority, nor any of its officers, employees, agents or contractors, shall disclose any Confidential Information received by them in the exercise of their respective functions under the QFC Law or these Regulations (or any Related Regulations) otherwise than as permitted by Article 16(3):
(2) The restriction on disclosure of Confidential Information referred to in Article 16(1) shall also apply to any Person (other than the Person to whom the duty of confidentiality is owed) coming into possession of such Confidential Information.
(3) Confidential Information may be disclosed by the QFC Authority or the Persons referred to in Article 16(1) and (2) in the following circumstances:
(A) with the consent of the Person to whom the duty of confidentiality is owed;
(B) where such disclosure is permitted or required by or pursuant to the QFC Law, these Regulations or any other Regulation conferring powers, duties or functions on the QFC Authority;
(C) in response to a legally enforceable demand;
(D) where the disclosure is made in good faith for the purposes of the performance or exercise by the QFC Authority of any of its functions, duties and powers under the QFC Law, this Regulation or any Related Regulations;
(E) (in the case of Persons other than the QFC Authority) to the QFC Authority;
(F) to the Tribunal in connection with any matter falling within their jurisdiction;
(G) to the Regulatory Authority where such disclosure is necessary or desirable in order for the Regulatory Authority to exercise its functions or powers or is otherwise in the interests of the QFC;
(H) to any body, agency or authority performing functions relating to the detection or prevention of money laundering whether in the State or internationally; or
(I) to any other civil or criminal enforcement agency or authority, whether in the State or internationally.