Article 16 — Registration

16.1 Where an application for registration of a Single Family Office, fulfilling all conditions required for the application under (i) the Companies Regulations, and (ii) these Regulations, is made, the CRO may register the Single Family Office subject to the confirmation from the QFC Authority that the Single Family Office has also complied with the QFC licensing requirements prescribed under the QFC Authority Regulations. The QFC Authority may provide further by way of Rules issued under Article 6, for the manner and circumstances in which the CRO may register a Single Family Office.
16.2 The activities that may be carried on in or from the QFC by a Single Family Office are limited to the activities that are provided for in the respective part of these Regulations and are specified in the Licence granted to the Single Family Office by the QFC Authority.
16.3 The register maintained by the CRO will expressly set out the status of the company as a Single Family Office.