Article 17 - Employment contract

(1) The Employer shall give each Employee a written employment contract which shall include at a minimum:
(A) the name of the Employer and the Employee;
(B) the date of commencement of employment;
(C) the Employee's salary or method of calculation of salary;
(D) the intervals at which the salary is paid;
(E) the job title or job description;
(F) whether the employment is for a specified fixed term or of unlimited duration;
(G) the place of work;
(H) any terms or conditions relating to hours of work and annual and sick leave;
(I) reference to any disciplinary rules and/or grievance procedures applicable to the Employee; and
(J) any other matter that may be prescribed in any rule, policy or order issued under these Regulations.
(2) Employment contracts may be for a fixed term or for an unlimited duration.
(3) Where annual leave, holidays, hours of work and sick leave are not specified in the employment contract the terms included in these Regulations will be implied in the employment contract.
Amended by QFC Reg 2012-1 (as from 11th April 2012)