Article 17 - Remuneration, expenses, personal liabilities etc

(1) This Article contains Default Rules.
(2) A Partner is not entitled to remuneration from the Partnership for acting in the PartnershipBusiness.
(3) But a Partner is entitled to be indemnified by the Partnership in respect of a payment made by him:
(A) in the proper conduct of the PartnershipBusiness or in connection with anything necessarily done for the preservation of the PartnershipBusiness or Property; or
(B) to discharge the whole or a part of his personal liability for a Partnership Obligation or in reasonable settlement of an alleged personal liability for a Partnership Obligation.
(4) The indemnity does not affect any claim which another Partner may have against the Partner.
(5) If the Partnership wrongly fails to pay to a Partner any amount for which it is liable to account to him, he is entitled to contribution from the other Partners in the same proportions as if the amount were a Partnership Loss.