Article 17(A) - Part-Time Employees

(1) A Part-time Employee is an Employee who works fewer hours than the standard full-time working hours determined by the Employer. A Part-time Employee may work:
(A) the same number of days in a week as a Full-time Employee, but fewer hours;
(B) the same number of hours in a day as Full-time Employee, but fewer days; or
(C) fewer hours and days than a Full-time Employee.
(2) Unless expressly provided otherwise in these Regulations, a Part-time Employee has the same rights conferred by these Regulations as a Full-time Employee.
(3) The entitlements of a Part-time Employee must be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
(4) However, if a Part-time Employee works the same number of days in the week as a Full-time Employee, the number of days entitlement to each of the following must be calculated as if the Part-time Employee were a Full-time Employee:
(A) annual leave;
(B) maternity leave;
(C) notice period;
(D) public holidays; and
(E) sick leave.
(5) In addition to the requirements of Article 17, the Part-time employment contract must specify the following:
(A) hourly basic rate of pay, if applicable.
(B) number of working hours per day or per week.
(C) number of working days per week or per month.
Inserted (as from 18th July 2019)