Article 17(B) - Fixed-Term Employees

(1) A Fixed-term Employee is an Employee who works under an employment contract that has a commencement date and an expiry date.
(2) A Fixed-term Employee's contract ends on the expiry date without need to give notice, unless the parties agree in writing to renew it.

If the fixed-term contract is not renewed but the parties continue to abide by its terms after its expiry, the contract is deemed renewed on the same terms and conditions (other than its duration) for an indefinite period. The Employee's total period of service must be calculated from the date the Employee commenced employment with the Employer for the first time.
(3) A Fixed-term Employee has the same rights conferred by these Regulations as an Employee under an indefinite contract.
(4) A Fixed-term Employee's contract can be terminated before the expiry of the agreed term only in the following circumstances:
(A) in writing, by mutual agreement of the Employer and Employee; or
(B) for cause, in accordance with Article 24 of these Regulations.
Inserted (as from 18th July 2019)