Article 18 - Enforcer

(1) A Foundation must have an Enforcer.
(2) The Constitution must set out —
(A) the name and address of the Enforcer for the time being;
(B) provisions for the appointment of the Enforcer;
(C) how an Enforcer may retire;
(D) how a new Enforcer is to be appointed; and
(E) whether the Enforcer is to be remunerated.
(3) Apart from the Registered Representative, a person may not be both a Member of a Foundation's Council and its Enforcer.
(4) The Enforcer must —
(A) be appointed in accordance with the Constitution;
(B) carry out the functions set out in the Constitution; and
(C) take reasonable steps to ensure that the Council of the Foundation carries out its functions and acts in the best interests of the Foundation.
Derived (as from 22nd September 2016).