Article 18 - Permitted Activities

(1) The Permitted Activities may be conducted in or from the QFC to the extent, and subject to any limitations or conditions, designated by the QFC Authority by notice published from time to time.
(2) The QFC Authority may at any time vary, or revoke a notice under Article 18(1) and shall publish a notice of any such variation or revocation, Such variation or revocation shall take effect from the date of its publishing or such later date specified in that notice. No such variation or revocation shall affect any licence to conduct a Permitted Activity already issued by the QFC Authority prior to such variation or revocation taking effect.
(3) Article 18 (1) and (2) is subject to other applicable law, including in regard to the issue of a licence by the QFC Authority and, in respect of a Regulated Activity, authorisation by the Regulatory Authority.