Article 18 - Registration

(1) No LLC shall be incorporated without the consent of the CRO.
(2) On incorporation the CRO shall:
(A) give a certificate that the LLC is incorporated with the name specified in the certificate and with effect from the date of the certificate;
(B) allocate to the LLC a number, which shall be the LLC's registered number; and
(C) enter the name and registered number of the LLC in the index of names and registered numbers maintained by the CRO under these Regulations.
(3) A certificate of incorporation shall be conclusive evidence that the LLC is incorporated with the name specified in it and that the requirements of these Regulations have been complied with in respect of the incorporation and registration of the LLC and thereafter no defect in the process prior to the incorporation thereof shall affect the validity y of its incorporation.
(4) From the date of incorporation, the LLC shall be a Body Corporate having the name contained in the certificate of incorporation and capable forthwith of exercising all the functions of an incorporated LLC.
(5) A decision of the CRO refusing to issue a certificate of incorporation may be reviewed consistent with any applicable standards and procedures issued by the QFC Authority for such purpose.
Amended (as from 5th April 2015).