Article 18 - Visit and business visas

(1) Any Employer that wishes to apply for a business visit visa for a business contact or member of staff employed outside the State in circumstances where:
(A) the visit will extend past the period for which State requirements on entry into the State generally apply; and/or
(B) the business contact or staff holds a passport from a jurisdiction that has no visa waiver program with the State,
shall file the documents identified for this purpose by the Immigration Office.
(2) Any visa issued under this Article shall not extend past three (3) months although an Employer may file an extension for a further period of up to three (3) months.
(3) The Immigration Office shall make the necessary arrangements for the issuance of the visa and shall inform the Employer when the visa is available for collection.
(4) Absent any disqualifying information, the Immigration Office will make best efforts to have the visa issued within two (2) working days of the date the Employer provides the information in this Article.
(5) The provisions of this Article shall also apply to any QFC Employee who wishes to obtain a visa for a family member who is not sponsored by the QFC Employee for a visit to the State.