Article 188 - Supervision of insolvency practitioners

(1) The QFC Court may, on application of the CRO, and upon being satisfied that an insolvency practitioner:
(A) has contravened a provision of these Regulations;
(B) has failed, whether within or outside the QFC, to carry out or perform duties or functions adequately or properly; or
(C) is otherwise not a fit and proper person to remain registered as an insolvency practitioner or, where applicable, as an official Liquidator;
make one or more of the following orders:
(D) an order that the CRO shall cancel, or suspend for a specified period, the registration of the insolvency practitioner as such or as an official Liquidator, along with such order or orders as the QFC Court shall see fit for the orderly handover of existing appointments of such insolvency practitioner;
(E) an order imposing conditions or restrictions on the future conduct of the insolvency practitioner;
(F) an order requiring the insolvency practitioner to do, or refrain from doing, any act or thing; or
(G) any other order as the QFC Court sees fit.
(2) For the avoidance of doubt:
(A) any cancellation or suspension of the registration of a person as an insolvency practitioner is deemed to constitute a cancellation or suspension of any registration of the person as an official Liquidator; and
(B) the imposition of any condition or restriction on the future conduct of an insolvency practitioner is deemed, as the context may permit, to constitute the imposition of such a condition or restriction on the future conduct of the insolvency practitioner acting in his capacity as an official Liquidator.
(3) Nothing in this Article affects the powers that any person or the QFC Court may have apart from this Article.