Article 19 - Application

(1) An Application for a Licence to conduct Permitted Activities may be made to the QFC Authority by:
(A) a body corporate;
(B) a partnership; or
(C) an unincorporated association.
(2) A Licence constitutes an approval, authorisation or licence for the purposes of Article 12(1) of the QFC Law.
(3) A Licensed Firm may apply to the QFC Authority to vary its Licence. A variation may include:
(A) extending a Licensed Firm’s Licence to include Permitted Activities other than those in respect of which it already has a Licence;
(B) varying conditions restrictions or requirements imposed on its Licence in accordance with Article 21(1) or 23(2); or
(C) withdrawing its Licence in respect of one or more Permitted Activities.
(4) The Applicant for a Licence, variation of a Licence or withdrawal of Licence as a whole may withdraw its Application by giving the QFC Authority written notice at any time before the QFC Authority determines the Application.