Article 19 – Miscellaneous

1. The QFC Institutions shall each have financial and administrative autonomy from the State and from each other. Each of them shall be responsible for any obligations or liabilities arising out of the conduct of their respective activities (subject always to the immunity provided for in Article 16) and the State shall have no liability for their acts or omissions.
2. All Board members of The QFC Authority and The Regulatory Authority, all members of The Regulatory Tribunal, The Civil and Commercial Court and The management of The QFC Companies Registration Office and all employees of, and persons acting under the direction of, the QFC Authority, the Regulatory Authority, The Regulatory Tribunal, The Civil and Commercial Court or The QFC Institutions shall be deemed to be public officers/servants for the purposes of the application of the Criminal Law No. 11 of 2004 referred to above.
Amended by Law No. (2) of 2009 (as from 24th May 2009).