Article 19 - Notice and advertisement of Administration Order

(1) If the QFC Court makes an Administration Order, it shall forthwith give notice to the person appointed as Administrator.
(2) As soon as is reasonably practicable after the order is made, the Administrator shall advertise its making once in such newspapers as he thinks most appropriate for ensuring that the order comes to the notice of the Company's creditors, which where appropriate may include newspapers published outside the State.
(3) The Administrator shall also as soon as is reasonably practicable give notice of the making of the order:
(A) if there is pending an application for the winding up of the Company, to the applicant (and also to the provisional Liquidator, if any);
(B) to the QFC Authority;
(C) to any Secured Creditor; and
(D) to the CRO.
(4) Two sealed copies of the order shall be sent by the QFC Court to the Administrator, one of which shall be sent by him to the CRO.