Article 19 - Obligations of Employees

(1) Employees shall, except as specified by their Employers or as set forth in their employment contract:
(A) attend to their duties and exercise the care of the reasonable person in the performance of their employment;
(B) perform their job themselves and exert normal efforts in performing their duties;
(C) carry out the orders of the Employer concerning the performance of the work provided that the orders do not contravene the QFC Law or any regulations, rules, policies or procedures issued thereunder, the criminal laws of the State or the employment contract and provided that the carrying out of these orders will not subject the Employee to danger;
(D) not work for third parties (with or without payment) without the consent of the Employer;
(E) take care of any raw materials, means of production, products, or other items which are in their possession or at their disposal and take necessary steps for their safe keeping and maintenance;
(F) comply with safety and professional health instructions prescribed by the Employer;
(G) co-operate in the prevention of the occurrence of accidents in the place of work or in the alleviation of the results thereof;
(H) continuously procure the professional development of their skills and expertise in accordance with the regulations and procedures prescribed by the Employer within the limits of available facilities;
(I) not disclose any confidential information of the Employer except consistent with the terms of their employment or these Regulations;
(J) not use work tools or equipment outside the place of work without the permission of the Employer and keep such tools or equipment in the places designated therefore;
(K) not accept gifts, remuneration, commission or sums in respect of performance of their duties except consistent with the terms of their employment; and
(L) return on the expiry of the employment any equipment, tools or unused materials at their disposal to the Employer.