Article 2 - Application

(1) These Regulations are made by the Minister pursuant to Article 9 of the QFC Law and the version enacted on 20 December 2006 received the consent of the Council of Ministers. Amongst other things these Regulations govern the entry into and sponsorship within the State of Qatar of employees of QFC Authority, the Regulatory Authority, Appeals Body, Tribunal, other QFC Institutions and QFC Entities and their Family Members.
(2) Pursuant to Article 18(4) of the QFC Law, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any other law or regulation of the State, the QFC Authority shall have power to issue all visas, permits and other documents relating to or required for the employment in or doing business with or in, the QFC and such visas, permits and other documents shall be fully valid and accepted by all State authorities.
(3) Consistent with Article 2(2), the laws, rules and regulations of the State concerning the matters dealt with by or under these Regulations shall not apply to the extent they are inconsistent with a provision of these Regulations or any rule or policy or order issued thereunder.
Amended (as from 12th May 2016)