Article 20 - Change of name

(1) A Limited Liability Partnership may change its name at any time to another name with which a Limited Liability Partnership may be registered under Article 19.
(2) Where a Limited Liability Partnership changes its name it shall deliver, within 21 days, a notice in the Prescribed Form to the CRO and shall pay to the CRO the Prescribed Fee.
(3) A notice delivered under Article 20(2):
(A) shall be in a form prescribed or approved by the CRO; and
(B) shall be signed by a Designated Member of the Limited Liability Partnership or authenticated in a manner approved by the CRO.
(4) Where the CRO receives a notice under Article 20(2) it shall (unless the new name is one by which a Limited Liability Partnership may not be registered):
(A) enter the new name on the register in place of the former name; and
(B) issue a certificate of the change of name.
(5) The change of name has effect from the date on which the certificate referred to in Article 20(4)(B) is issued.
Amended by QFCA RM2012-1 (as from 11th April 2012)