Article 201 - Adjustment of prior transactions

(1) No order shall be made in relation to a transaction to which this Article applies under:
(A) Article 142 (transactions at an undervalue); or
(B) Article 143 (preferences);
(2) This Article 201 applies to:
(A) a market contract;
(B) a contract to which a designated exchange or designated clearing house is a party or which is entered into under its default rules; and
(C) a disposition of property in pursuance of such contracts referred to in Article 201 (2)(A) and (B).
(3) Where margin is provided in relation to such a contract or a market contract and no such order as is mentioned in Article 201 (1) has been, or could be, made in relation to that contract, this Article 201 applies to:
(A) the provision of the margin;
(B) any contract effected by the exchange or cleared by the clearing house in question for the purpose of realising the property provided as margin; and
(C) any disposition of property in accordance with the rules of the exchange or clearing house as to the application of property provided as margin.